WTS Score

Welcome to the heart of Watchtowers AI, where the WTS Score takes center stage. Our innovative scoring system evaluates smart contracts from various angles, providing a comprehensive overview of their security and viability. Here's what you need to know about the WTS Score:

  1. Introduction to WTS Score:

    • The WTS Score is a unique metric that encapsulates the overall health and trustworthiness of a smart contract.

    • Computed through a combination of Code Security, Market Stability, Decentralization, Creation, and Information scores.

  2. Components of WTS Score:

    • Code Security: Evaluates the solidity of your smart contract, identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring a robust security foundation.

    • Market Stability: Analyzes recent transactions and swaps to gauge the project's stability against market fluctuations.

    • Decentralization: Measures token holder distribution and governance structures for true decentralization.

    • Creation: Assesses the age of the token, offering insights into its history and development trajectory.

    • Information: Scours over 50 listing sites and social media platforms, compiling a comprehensive information score.

  3. Interpreting WTS Score:

    • Scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating stronger performance across the evaluated categories.

    • A visual representation, in the form of a percentage, offers an at-a-glance understanding of your project's standing.

  4. Use Cases:

    • Investors can use the WTS Score to make informed decisions about the security and stability of a project.

    • Project owners can identify areas of improvement, enhancing the overall trustworthiness of their smart contracts.

  5. How to Improve Your WTS Score:

    • Understand specific feedback provided in individual categories.

    • Implement best practices for smart contract development and project management.

    • Stay engaged with the Watchtowers AI community for updates and insights.

  6. Real-world Impact:

    • Projects with higher WTS Scores are likely to attract more investors and users due to increased trust and transparency.

    • Provides a standardized benchmark for the industry, contributing to the overall improvement of smart contract security.

In summary, the WTS Score is your guide to understanding the holistic health of your smart contract. Through a meticulous analysis of various factors, Watchtowers AI empowers both project owners and investors to participate confidently in the blockchain space.

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