Utility of $WTS Token

At WatchTowers AI, we aim to provide our token holders with a range of valuable utilities, enhancing their participation in our ecosystem. While we currently offer several features for free, we are excited to introduce premium features that will further empower our token holders. Here's a glimpse of the utility of the $WTS token:

  1. Access to Premium Features: Holders of $WTS tokens will have exclusive access to premium features within the WatchTowers AI ecosystem. These premium features will provide advanced functionalities and insights, allowing users to take their smart contract security analysis to the next level.

  2. Comprehensive Audit and PDF Reports: In the future, teams seeking a comprehensive smart contract audit and a detailed PDF report can utilize $WTS tokens to obtain these premium services. While basic services remain accessible, this premium audit service will offer in-depth analysis and recommendations.

  3. Contribution to the Vault: When teams pay the fee for premium audit services, a portion of this fee will contribute to a vault. This vault is designed to benefit our loyal $WTS token holders.

  4. Distribution to Holders: The funds accumulated in the vault will be periodically distributed among $WTS token holders. This distribution serves as a reward for their support and participation in the WatchTowers AI ecosystem. The more tokens you hold, the greater your share of the distributed rewards.

As we continue to develop and expand our ecosystem, we remain committed to providing tangible benefits to our community. Stay tuned for updates on the introduction of these premium features and the opportunities they bring for $WTS token holders. WatchTowers AI is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial environment for all participants.

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