• Token Name: WatchTower AI

  • Token Symbol: $WTS

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000


  • 5/5


  • Contract Address Renounced

Liquidity Pool:

  • LP Locked for 1 Year

Allocation of Funds:

  1. Hardware:

    • Utilization of revenue to acquire and maintain essential hardware necessary for the seamless operation of the platform.

  2. Software:

    • Allocation of funds for the payment and ongoing maintenance of all software components integral to the functioning of the WatchTowers AI Bot, encompassing AI models and algorithms.

  3. Development:

    • Allocation of financial resources for all developmental aspects, including the launch, testing, troubleshooting, and continuous improvement of the WatchTowers AI Bot, addressing both present and future functionalities.

  4. Marketing and Product Distribution:

    • Investment in comprehensive strategies for the distribution and promotion of the WatchTowers AI Bot, ensuring widespread recognition and adoption in the market.

  5. Ecosystem Operation:

    • Dedication of funds for the continuous maintenance and effective management of the WatchTowers AI Ecosystem, guaranteeing its stability and efficiency over time.

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