Research and Foundation #1

  • Establishment of WatchTowers AI Work Team

  • In-depth exploration of critical blockchain security topics

  • Development of an advanced 5-item security evaluation framework

  • Integration of cutting-edge deep learning AI algorithm models

  • Publication of a Comprehensive Whitepaper outlining methodology and objectives

  • Launch of the WatchTowers AI Bot beta for initial testing and feedback

Creation and Birth #2

  • Rigorous testing across various models and cryptocurrency projects

  • Official launch of the refined and updated WatchTowers AI Bot

  • $WTS Tracker listings for transparency and accessibility

  • Open project to Venture Funding for potential strategic partnerships

  • Publication of a Comprehensive Whitepaper outlining methodology and objectives

Expansion #3

  • Introduction of the $WTS Token as a utility within the ecosystem

  • Promotion and adoption drive for the WatchTowers AI Bot

  • Initiation of the first phase of the marketing campaign focusing on influencers

  • Addressing troubleshooting scenarios following increased adoption

  • Launch of the second phase of the marketing campaign, with an emphasis on partnership scouting

Establishment #4

  • Continuous enhancement and review processes for the WatchTowers AI Bot

  • Extensive diffusion across diverse media channels

  • Creation of an Evolving Blockchain Security Database

  • Introduction of a Staking mechanism and Revenue Sharing model for community engagement

  • Integration with central exchanges and establishment of strategic partnerships to broaden accessibility and reach.

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